We say journey because we deliver our services in such way that we’ll help you build a thorough understanding of the mechanics of your business from an Accounting standpoint. We are the accountants, but we want you to have a clear insight as well over any process that affects your success.

Just like any story is about starting a journey and character growth, we divided our services into two sections:


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Business Incorporation

Starting a business is never easy, Identifying different business challenges and risk factors can be nerve wrecking and this is the perfect time to incorporate your business to avoid the risk of financial loss and for name protection. We are dedicated to provide a systematic, accurate, easy and clear guidelines on how you can incorporate your business. Y&A will help you understand and will walk you through the basic requirements and legal actions of the incorporation process. Whether you are starting a brand new business or converting your business entity to another corporation, Y&A’s methodology is simple and uncomplicated. We break down the process into simplified categories such as:

  1. Articles of Incorporation

  2. Initial Registered Office Address and first Board of Directors form

  3. Corporation Name with Nuans Report

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Analysing your business’s financial data is crucial in all business set up, it is a single best way to foresee the company’s future. Y&A’s team is an expert when it comes to interpreting, classifying, reporting, and summarizing financial data. We developed an innovative solutions to accommodate the evolution of accounting across all industries. Our years of experience in accounting moulded our process to be reliable, accurate, functional and easy to understand. To make your experience more valuable and fast, here’s what we offer:

  1. Financial Forecast

  2. Budgeting

  3. Cash flow analysis

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Bookkeeping & Payroll

Are you having troubles with your record keeping? Does reconciling your accounts taking more time and too much energy? Safeguard your business transactions with Y&A. Our bookkeeping is known to have integrity when it comes to creating financial documentation, posting information to accounting software or journals from any source documents and we ensure accuracy by helping you reconcile your account in a fast, protected and easy manner.

Employees are the strongest foundation of all companies, make sure you are taking good care of them by ensuring they get the right amount of salaries and wages, bonuses, and withheld taxes. Y&A offers an advanced solution for your payroll needs. We have structured different payroll models that will best suit your company’s employee setting.

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Coporate Taxes

The business industry has a lot of complex regulatory compliances, changes in the government’s tax legislation may impact your business. Y&A Associates will save you the headache of preparing and filing your taxes. We are equipped with the best strategic method on how to be tax compliant while maximizing the growth potential of your business financials. Here are the things we can work with you when it comes to your tax obligation:

  1. Personal Income Tax

  2. Corporate Tax


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Business Plan

Does your current business model raise your company’s financial growth? Or are you looking for a business plan that will work best to achieve your target profit? Step up your game with Y&A. We have a complete package of business plan that can back you up! Y&A will help you run your company with a more cohesive vision, our team of expert business consultants offers a competitive roadmap that will guide you in analysing your sales, creating a strategic marketing plan, organizing your manufacturing flow, plus, we have an innovative team that can structure your website design and even your social media ads. Let’s begin your success with the following:

  1. Financial Statement and forecast

  2. Projected Cash flow

  3. Market Analysis & Feasibility Report

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Sale of your business

Afraid of getting rejected for your business loan? Business loans don’t come easily. Unlike a personal loan, they involve more risk for the lender, resulting in stricter eligibility requirements. Worry no more! Cause we got you covered! Y&A have a broad banking relationships and we have established trusted connections that can help you get a market rate financing options on a best fit basis. Y&A’s team of experts will guarantee your loan approval without hurting your personal or retirement savings. We will understand and will have a comprehensive look at your basic business factors such as:

  1. Credit Standing

  2. Business Collateral

  3. Cash Flow

  4. Time in Business

  5. Debt Loan

  6. Industry

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Bookkeeping & Payroll

Does selling your business a part of your succession plan? Exiting your business can be quite a challenging endeavour. You don’t need to undertake the journey alone. Let Y&A’s professional team help you make your business appear more attractive and high valued. Our strategic methodology is proven to overpower the challenges of selling a business including the identification of its value, marketing, transaction management and confidentiality. We will make sure to present the highlights and interesting points of your business that can land us to a good spot in the market place without risking the legal aspect of the selling process. We can start the venture of putting your business in an upper hand and appraise its value by looking into the following:

  1. Net Profit

  2. Growth Trends

  3. Website Traffic

  4. Age of Business

  5. Sales Network

  6. Business Model

  7. Niche and more…

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Here at Y&A we don’t believe in simply completing a task. Completing a task that is out of a certain context can be extremely misleading and inefficient, while you suffer all the undesirable consequences.

That is why our value proposition as accountants & business experts is to complete a list of tasks which are relevant for the overall situation of your business. For sure, your dream is very unique, that is why your business will be particular as well, which means that it requires special treatment. When we say special treatment, we mean a custom and long-term approach, as opposed to non-strategic services that lack cohesion between themselves. In other words:

Story consists in the signs on the wall showing you the way through the complicated maze of decisions. Service is about hitting the wall and thinking you’ll reach your destination.

Story is about awareness, flexibility and support in making the right choices. Service is about getting what you’ve asked for, no matter if it’s good or bad for your business.

A story makes you successful. A service makes you functional.

Story means strategy. You don’t think in ‘services’ anymore, but in terms of “context”, “analysis”, “customization” and “vision”.

Now you know the difference, Contact US so we could help with your story