How we started…

When you look at the past of today’s many big businesses, you’ll notice one peculiar pattern. They all setup shop with a grand vision. Y&A is no different. In 1994, in a small apartment in Mississauga is where our journey began. We were founded on a vision that SMEs need the same personalized services like those offered to big corporations too. We utilized our limited resources to ensure whatever results we delivered, it falls perfect to that vision. Though our work mainly included preparing personal taxes, we did so in a professional and timely manner.

A testament to our hard work and dedication, our business began to grow. We barely even noticed that the apartment could no longer contain our staff or workflow. Thus, we moved to an office and attained all legal credentials. Our clientele also grew, more and more people were looking up to us to handle all their accounting needs. As a result, we had to also grow in personnel, only looking for the best people whom are as passionate in our business.


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Our Niche

As mentioned, we want to change the accounting narrative. We do so by building a collaborative environment with clients. This allows us to customize and personalize our products and services to suit each and every one who asks for our help.

We want to be the benchmark of accounting services. Providing a story instead of a service, is one strategy we apply to achieve it. What is the difference between a service provider and a story provider? Well, a service provider tries to solve all your problems, while keeping you out of the loop. The most important thing for them is to solve the problem. As a result, for many service providers, the end justifies the means.

A story provider, however, ensures you’re included in the decision-making process all the way. We, for example, believe that your opinion matters. We also believe every decision you make should be based of well-researched and correct information.

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How we want to make this world a little better

As a practical accounting service, we are fully aware of what the future, particularly, internet connectivity holds for the accounting industry. Many firms will advise you to keep away from the innumerable resources found all over the web. We, however, will encourage you to grow. Accounting literacy is a crucial step in achieving financial literacy. When you know how your money works, you’re in a better situation to let it work for you.

At Yogi & Associates, we challenge ourselves to grow every client’s financial knowledge. We do so by opening you to the accounting world through the aid of various methods such as networking, customized courses, effective resources, and always availing our ever-present help.

Our Resolve

In a nutshell, we are taking off our accounting glasses. This means we are showing you the human side of accounting, and inviting you to grow with us. We respect our client’s decisions, and fully understand our role; to simply guide you on the right path and help you along the way.

Join us, let us learn together. Let us grow together.