Start Strong! Beat that Post holiday business blues!

Written by: Veronica Postanes
Written by: Veronica Postanes
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The Christmas and New Year season usually provides a big sales boost for a lot of small businesses. But what happens after all the party and gift-giving is done? The first quarter of the year is one of the most challenging parts for small business owners, most consumers start the year by cutting budgets back to recover from overspending from the holiday season, January and February is also the time of the year where a lot of stores receive returns. But, getting back to business after the holidays doesn’t need to be a drag. Find out how to do innovative marketing to keep your sales high during the holiday hangover.

  1. Budget wisely!

    Creating a budget for the year may not increase your sales notably right away but this will surely pave the way to avoid profit slow down. Creating a budget is essential for all businesses, spend time to look at your yearly spending and finances, this way you will know how much you can set aside to create a marketing plan or maybe launch a new product.it will enable you to concentrate on cash flow, reduced costing and improve profits. Having a proper budget plan will allow you to control your business finances.

  2. Reconnect and Engage.

    This is also the perfect time to build relationships with your customer and make them loyal by establishing a good emotional connection. Send them a thank you note via mail or email with a loyalty voucher that they can use on their next purchase, Make them feel that you value them by encouraging feedback and giving them a small token of appreciation like a discount coupon on your premier products. If you have an online store, check those carts that are left unpurchased and follow up with the shopper and have them redeem a reward point when they continue their purchases. When doing discounts and promotions make sure not to go overboard. Don’t let your customer think that your products or services decreased their value or you overpriced during the holiday. You can also look into extending the warranty of your products, this will make your customers trust the quality of your items and be more loyal to your brand.

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  3. Connect with your customers on a personal level!

    New Year brings new resolution to consumer, people are taking this time to set new goals and layout plans to be better. Make sure they will feel you along their journey to self-improvement. Use social media to encourage and influence your market to a better living put an effort to help your audience get useful tips and advice on how they can achieve their goals. Social media is a great tool to reach customers, develop your brand voice, and stay top-of-mind for potential buyers.



  4. Launch a new product or Services.

    People often consider the New Year a time to refresh, restart, and get motivated. Launching a new product or service gives consumers a new vibe. This is the perfect time to introduce a new product because people’s mind-set is to try something new.


  5. New Year email blast.

    Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to promote not just your product but your company culture and values. This helps you nourish your relationship with clients. Keeping in touch with your contacts is an essential part of running a successful business. There are different kinds of email campaign you can send your clients, Find out which one best fits your customers and make sure not to send too many emails to avoid hitting the spam folder.

    Here are some types of email campaign you can choose from:

    • Newsletter - Newsletter marketing is a form of direct-to-consumer advertising. This is used by companies that want to send information directly to potential and existing customers. When received unsolicited, they can be seen as spam. Newsletters are also used by organizations to inform their members of ongoing developments.
    • Promotional Email - The primary focus of a promotional email is to get the word out to potential customers about your product or service. Common email promotions include coupons or other discounts.
    • Brand Story Emails - A brand story email is a cohesive narrative that encompasses the facts and feelings that are created by your business. Your brand story represents who you are and what you stand for. It sets the stage for every interaction customers to have with your brand, in-store and online.
    • Survey Email. - Customer reviews are seen as highly trustworthy and increase sales conversion rates. And asking for feedback can also be done via email. A simple email, with a clear call to action, always works well. Remember, most people will view your email on a mobile phone, so our  advice is to keep text to a minimum.








  6. Take a break and Get Ready!

    Most business owners never really take a break, taking a break after the busy holiday season helps you return to business revitalized and refocused. Having that work-life balance keeps you from being burn out and will help become more productive.

Final Words!

Christmas and New Year season is indeed the most wonderful time of the year for most businesses and you can keep the holiday sales surge with good planning and by always having your best foot forward not just with your marketing strategies but also in providing a great customer service experience. You can break through the post-holiday sale slump with good planning and creativity.

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