Improve the financial health of your business.

Written by: Veronica Postanes
Written by: Veronica Postanes
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Business financial health is the overall state of your business’s monetary affairs. This tells you how much you are saving if your debts are being paid and what is your business net worth. Having a stable cash flow, steady expenses and a strong return on investment are signs of a healthy financial state. There are different ways to determine your business financial status, your accounting reports is a key to identify the weak and strong points of your business. As a business owner, it is a must to understand and learn how you can take advantage of your bookkeeping in making better financial decisions for our business. It is still best to use the help of professionals and gets advice about your finances and how to improve your cash flow. Your investment in their expertise can certainly go a long way. A thoughtfully created business plan can tell you how your business will stand financially on a long-term basis. This will help you identify different monetary circumstances that you need to be prepared for. It will show an estimate of your business expense over a specific period of time and will also give you an idea of how much profit you can expect.

  1. Organize your books to minimize your expenses.

    You can make more money by increasing your sales or reduce your expenses. You wouldn’t know where to cut expenses if you don’t see the whole picture of your business's financial health. Make sure you turn into your business financial reports every once in a while to see which part of the business is no longer profitable and can be reduced and which sections need more financial focus.

    Here’s a good guide to creating a business plan.

    You can now put your shop online to eliminate rent expense.
  2. Provide your customers with different payment options.

    This is a great way to widen your market. Consumers are now switching online to buy their favorite product and when you give them options to process payment securely, easy, hassle-free and will surely widen your customer reach.

  3. Outsourcing.

    The minimum wage is less overseas than what you would expect in Canada. That is why some huge corporation is turning into a very diverse team which gives those same services, if not more specialized services, at a much cheaper price tag.

    There is a various go-to platform when you decide to outsource a service like Upwork.

  4. Maximize Government grants.

    Your business is may be eligible for some Government grants especially those that are made due to pandemic. Check on your local government sites and find out which ones you can take advantage of.

    Check Y&A Instagram to get insights about the different COVID-19 programs in Canada or go directly to the Government of Canada's website.

  5. Consider Investment.

    To generate more income you need to invest something. At this age and time real estate is trending to a growing industry. Canada is a fast developing country as its infrastructure develops and the economy continues to rise, more and more people are investing in land property and it definitely holds some value.

  6. Revamp your pricing.

    A small business owner should always check if the pricing fits the expenses and if it’s within a fair market value. Pricing changes from time to time, there are times your products are in high value due to season and of course demand but you should also know when to lower your pricing to make sure to sell your inventory out. Check on your competitors to have a solid idea of what your price range should be. 

  7. Business Goal Review

    By reviewing your main goals daily, you keep them at the forefront of your mind. You focus your energy on the things that has a direct impact on your goal. It is easy to be more productive if you know the things you need to achieve. This will also help you find opportunities and address the challenges you may encounter in the future. By doing this you can also reflect on the things you could have done better.

Let’s wrap it up!

Improving your financial performance could result in business growth. There are many techniques and strategies you can use to stabilized your financial health, Find the ones that is suited for your business. Make sure your record keeping is flawless for it will be your prescription to a healthy financial state.

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