Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Business Owners

Written by: Veronica Postanes
Written by: Veronica Postanes
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What exactly is digital marketing? It is simply the way you communicate the value of your product or services on a digital platform. Social media has become a great avenue to gain loyal customers that leads to higher revenue for most businesses. There are many kinds of social media platforms and the strategies we have for you will work for all kinds of it. Digital Marketing is now a means of success for most businesses. In this generation, 45% of the consumer’s decision to buy and support your product or services is based on your online credibility and authenticity. But what does it take to keep up with the platform especially with big brands dominating it? Here are five marketing strategies you can use to establish your own brand online.

  1. Create valuable content that targets the need of your customers and audience.
  2. Your content must be more about your customer rather than you talking about yourself. A good example is when you are in a fitness niche instead of bragging how ripped your muscles are or always posting your toned body pictures, Share things about your client's fitness journey, show photos and stories of their rough beginning, disciplined steps, and their road to a more healthy lifestyle, This way more audience can relate and will be inspired that an ordinary person can actually do it and they will more likely to engage with your content. Have time to research on the challenges that your target customers are facing and write things that will most likely to solve those challenges and will definitely be helpful for them. Here's a short video to help you better understand what exactly digital marketing is and how it works!

    Video credit to: Adam Erhart, He is a marketing growth strategist that helps businesses and entrepreneurs attract, connect, and convert more customers by using effective marketing strategies.
  3. Be innovative in offering solutions to your audience’s challenges.
  4. Searching for basic solutions online can be crowded. So make sure you offer a solution from a different perspective. Take time to research the roadblocks your customers are facing and think of an advanced way to get it resolved. Always put your feet on your customer’s shoes. For example, when you have customer's that are restaurant owners and you want to help them grow, Aside from giving them the idea of putting their menu on Ubereats, give them the ways they can do it, guide them on the step by step process until they can make it. Show them easy methods they can use! you can even write an email blast telling a detailed instructions and pricing to get it done.

  5. Proper execution.
  6. It's not what you say, It's how you say it! You may have the knowledge and the right resolution for your customer’s challenges but without proper execution they may not be able to understand it. You should know the best way to deliver your message and which platform to use. Such as having a YouTube channel for audio-visual learners, you can use a blog for long and series contents! There's also Instagram if you want to showcase first-class images. There are a lot of ways to tell a story and you don't need to use them all! When you know what kind of learner your audience is, you surely know what to use!

  7. Always go the Extra Mile
  8. Your customer’s perception is still your reality! At the end of the day, it is your customer’s experience and satisfaction that will define you as a company. Make sure every interaction counts. Have your personal touch in each resolution. You can feature them on your social media platforms, this gives them extra exposure and will help them with their marketing too! Make sure your customer will feel that you are with them in their journey and that you show them sincerity that your goal is not just all about earning but also inspiring and helping them grow.

  9. Have the means to analyze your growth.
  10. You must have a clear goal of what you want to accomplish. Do you want to generate leads? Expand your network’s reach or established a brand? Define what you want and have vanity metrics like the growth of in the number of your followers and likes on a weekly basis, or you can see how many people will message or email you with a certain call to action on your posts. Determine your baseline and your desired number, you can take advantage of the different systems and tools to measure your growth. Normally, a platform has its own analytic tool most of the time it's for free like Instagram Insights, but there are more advance tool where you need to pay for a subscription such as Later- (here's a quick link to find them!) https://later.com/ and google analytics- https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/small-business/



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