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Written by: Raoul Padilla
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Good data management and accurate record keeping leads most businesses to growth and improvement. It can be used as a resource in planning new marketing and sales strategies. Your data base also helps in monitoring company growth rate and profit. But how does one maintain a good collection of business information? In this article we will show you different free tools and systems you can use to keep the integrity of your record keeping in a convenient and paperless manner.

Accounting System

Bookkeeping and Accounting gives you a real advantage of seeing your business’s cash flow and profitability with an eagle eye. These accounting software lets you record and keep track of your finances by signing up for free. Yes! No payment needed folks!


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This tool will help you manage your company's interaction with clients by keeping their records organized safe and secured without spending a penny.


Project Management

This system will help you assign task and monitor deadlines of your projects. It will also allow you to allocate time spent on a project effectively free of charge.

Kanban Flow

Website Creation

Nowadays, having your business in a digital platform is a must. You can now afford having your own website with no cost!


Mobile Graphic Design App

Having a good content with quality picture will sure take your branding and marketing in a whole new level. These social media design app lets you keep up with the visual qualities of the big companies and known brands.

Adobe Spark

Business Owners should have a reliable method or system when keeping records and having an up-to-date record keeping doesn’t need to be expensive. In this generation data management should be innovative in order to keep up with the evolving market.

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