Let us think Outside the Box

Join us, at the Woodbridge country club where we will be discussing business strategies that can be implemented to protect you and your loved ones

  • Reduce Taxes
  • Mitigate Creditor Risk, and Lawsuits
  • Most Importantly, Create the piece of mind you Deserve!
  • Limited Seating first come first serve on invite

Snippet of Strategy 1

Case: Thomas owns a truck corporation, which he purchased for $100,000 dollars in 2015. In 2020 the Corporation is worth 2.7 Million. He plans on selling the corporation, and ponders on the tax consequence

  • 1

    Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption

    $800,000 of capital gains will be exempted in the sale of a corporation if structured correctly. But did you know that if you were to form a (discretionary) family trust (costs $3000-5000) the capital gains exemption could be multiplied per family member.

  • 2

    No Planning

    Tax Consequence $650,000

  • 3

    Using Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption

    Tax Consequence: $450,000

  • 4

    Family Trust

    If Thomas formed a Family Trust, with his 2 children: $50,000