Do you feel that you end up paying more taxes becausetax laws are too complicated to understand? You are actually right if you feel so. Our professional tax experts take on this job for you and help you deal with your taxes in an effective manner. Furthermore, we apprise you of the available tax credits and deductions for you and your family and help you minimize your income taxes.

We at Yogi and Associates have been serving clients from different walks of life for more than 15 years. We take pride in the work we do and care about your financial well-being by making sure that you avail the maximum tax credits and deductions and keep the maximum amount of your hard earned money.

Process at Yogi and Associates:

  • No appointment required, just walk in with your tax return slips and relevant information
  • In case of any queries or missing information, we’ll communicate with you
  • It normally takes one week to prepare the return for you
  • After the completion of your return, we’ll have a meeting with you so we could review the return and educate you about the results
  • After having your signatures on the documents and payment for the preparation of the return, your return will be e-filed

The Services We Offer:

  • Tax compliance as well as the preparation of personal tax returns for you and representing you to tax authorities
  • Protection of the assets
  • Retirement planning
  • Minimizing your family tax

The Benefits We Offer:

  • Confidentiality
  • Faster refunds due to E-filing with CRA
  • Tax Planning
  • We remain committed to you throughout the year; this commitment goes beyond 30th of April
  • Tax returns filing and T1 Adjustment Requests filing for many prior years

Guaranteed Maximum Refund:

Yogi and Associates have numerous professional tax experts at their disposal who are consistently trained and equipped with the knowledge of latest developments in tax laws and rules. They help you claim thousands of dollars on your tax returns by introducing new tax breaks announced for Canadian families. We guarantee the maximum possible refund.

Keep your hard earned money:

Yogi and Associates appreciate the hard work you do to earn your money. We believe that you deserve to keep most of this hard earned money. To ensure that you keep most of your income with you, we plan and create strategies that could help you in this regard.

Instant Cash Back:

No multiple visits! No waiting for cheques! Getting your refund is that easy at Yogi and Associates. Simply visit us with your taxes and get instant refund. After all, what’s the point in waiting for your refund when we can give you instant refund right away?

Get the answers you need:

For general client support, Call 1855-TAX- Yogi (905-277-5996)

Give us a message and you will hear back from one of our Experts