Yogi and Associates has a prolific team of finance and accounting experts who have been helping dozens of business owners in their several business endeavours since its establishment in 1999. We work as their personal Chief Financial Officers (CFO) and advise them to make key business decisions which could have lasting impacts on their savings as well as achieving their business goals. We provide corporate tax planning, as well as compliance services to help business owners save their tax money and maximize their profits.

Corporate Tax Planning:

The prime aim of tax planning is to assess the existing business structures, as well as to propose structural changes with an objective of minimizing income tax on a consistent basis. Yogi and Associates work with their clients constantly to prepare their tax files. In collaboration with our clients, we provide them the maximum advantage on their taxes by structuring their businesses appropriately, better tax accounting and tax deferrals. Our clients enjoy the minimum possible taxes due to our refined corporate tax planning services some of which are as follows:

Corporate Tax Compliance:

Tax legislation landscape in Canada keeps changing thus presenting new tax compliance challenges to different businesses across the country. In order to reduce the risk of non-compliance with the key tax regulations, every company has to be aware of those regulations which can have possible impact on their business. Professional tax experts can be of great significance here to deal with taxes and in foreseeing their impact.

Yogi and Associates ensure that your business is in compliance with the latesttax regulations and that your reporting requirements are met by providing you with customized corporate tax compliance services such as;

  • Income tax accounting services
  • Preparation of corporate tax estimations and returns, calculation of tax instalments and documenting information returns
  • Preparation of T4s and T5s
  • Tax Elections filing
  • Correspondence with authorities (both federal and provincial)
  • Making improvements in internal tax processes

Added value for your money:

It is our goal to provide you with the best and the most services in least price. You will experience great value for the money you spend with us due to our consistent help with taxes and reporting. We offer customized service plans keeping in view your business aims and budget. You will find our best professionals at your disposal literally any time who are always ready to help you with your accounting and tax requirements.

Meet the best at Yogi and Associates:

Seeing is believing! Contact us or visit us to meet the best professional tax consultants. Our team is ready to attend to your queries and give you pertinent insights about your specific tax situation.

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