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From just being suburbs for a major business hub like Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, and Brampton have come a long way in establishing as economic and cultural hotspots. In fact, in 2015 these were found to be the most highly and densely populated suburban area in the whole of the Anglo-American region. One possible reason for the commercial success of these cities is proximity to the capital, Toronto. This rapid increase in industrial and commercial availability of these cities has led to a lot of updates to the tax laws. These laws can sometimes be designed to help corporations but most times hurting small corporations. Hence corporate tax in GTA is an essential consideration.

What is corporate tax?

Corporate tax is a levy which is levied on all the revenue and profit which is generated by a firm. For every level of profit earned by a company, the rate is different. These taxes on the profit of an organization are calculated during a taxable period. During this period, the tax laws are applied to the core revenue of the company and the core revenue is calculated the SG&A and COGS have been deducted or removed from the profit. Here are some key points to remember while considering corporate tax.

  • Corporate taxes in general are pressed by every level of the government in a country. This also includes states and provinces.
  • These taxes applied with different countries and states vary according to the rules of that country or state. This would mean that if a company has business offices in other countries or states the laws for those places apply.
  • Different states view corporate taxes in their own way.

With the conditions and regulation put in place by the authorities, there could arise a lot of complications when it comes to realizing the amount of tax a corporation has to pay. Many companies and smaller organizations tend to lose a lot of money on corporate taxes and tax evasion is a felony.

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Yogi Tax Accountants have been in the business of making the tax paying lives easier for our customers easier for the better part of two decades. Many corporations and companies have laid their trust in us to make sure that there are no discrepancies that could harm the company in the short or long run. We take care of our customers’ needs and corporate tax in GTA is our speciality.

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